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Biggs Violin Shop, based in Northwest Indiana, has been helping musicians of all levels worldwide reach their goals since the early 1980's. Luthier Richard Biggs makes, repairs, restores, and sets up instruments of the violin family and their bows. Biggs Violin Shop also sells high-quality goods such as instruments, cases, strings and accessories at a wide range of prices for beginning musicians to top-level professionals.

We are pleased to offer the following bows, violins, violas, & cellos:
New Cleveland Group
BVS (including BVS carbon fiber bow)
high-grade fiberglass student bows
Brazil wood and Pernambuco wood bows
custom bows handcrafted by Richard Biggs
antique bows & instruments
new instruments (set-up is done in house)

Although we do not regularly stock basses, they can be easily ordered.

We also offer the following sundries:
instrument cases
chin rests
pitch pipes
electronic tuners
Biggs Violin Shop polish
shoulder rests

Richard Biggs offers insurance evaluation; appraisals; instrument set-up for violin, viola, cello and bass; restorations; repairs; bow re-hair; bow repair and restoration.
Read Richard's explanation of set-up >

Biggs Violin Shop accepts payment via cash, check and credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover). So that we can continue to offer quality service at competitive prices we ask that payment be made when services are rendered. Instruments taken out on approval will require a deposit.

Biggs Violin Shop is located at 106 Lincoln Streetnue in Porter, Indiana (Northwest Indiana). Phone: 219-926-1033

Biggs Violin Shop
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