Biggs Violin shop, based in Northwest Indiana, is a family run business helping musicians of all levels worldwide reach their goals since the early 80's. Luthier Richard Biggs makes, repairs, restores and sets up instruments of the violin family and their bows. The shop also sells high-quality goods such as instruments, cases, strings and accessories at a wide range of prices for beginning musicians to top-level professionals.
Located in the heart of historic downtown Porter in Northwest Indiana, Biggs Violin Shop is housed in a charming building built in the late 1800's that once was the area post office. Opening hours are 10:30 to 5:00, Tuesday through Saturday. Phone/Fax: 219-926-1033 Biggs Violin Shop | Northwest Indiana restorer, maker, and dealer of fine violins, violas, cellos, and bows
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Restorer, maker, and dealer of fine violins, violas, cellos, & bows   |   106 Lincoln Street  |  Porter, Indiana  |  219-926-1033
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